The Hoy Polloy

Wrapped up another season with The Florida Panthers and New Times Bandstand: Rock, Hockey, and Hops. These great photos shot by: @Live_Artwork


 Tour Dates for the Upcoming Summer Trip soon to be released....


Bye Bye Bogota: A.I.P. Tour 2017



Monitor US Closely!! "Lady Finger" is on the cusp.

It's intention is to grab you and sling you across your cortex.

race of champions makes its U.S. debut in miami!!!!!

pastrana!! busch bros!! kanaan!! montoya!! and the hoy polloy!!

[click here for a sneak peak]

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Miami Midtown Magazine acknowledges

The Hoy Polloy in their recent Fall Issue Release. 

"They want to say you're a rock band or you're a jazz band, no we are a band and we do music!"

Written by: Fluffy Weinstein  (( Read the full Article here ))


Licking Toads & The Hoy Polloy Presents:

The Making of Parrot Airways from The Hit Factory Criteria Miami 


This journey was documented to bring you ever so closer to our story. Four children of fate destined to create, or rather destroy, genre binding philosophies. 


We are flying the coop at last. Ready to set off along the East Coast to as far as Boston and back. Follow us along the way on Instagram and Twitter @TheHoyPolloy as we share with the people our hardest endeavors to date, Parrot Airways!!!





 Parrot Airways Pre-Order Package!!

Now Available your ultimate Hoy Polloy Gift, featuring a one of a kind designed tank top in highlighter yellow. Included in your package is a clear vinyl sticker and most significantly, the 3rd EP in The Hoy Polloy series: "PARROT AIRWAYS"!! Recorded at the legendary Hit Factory Criteria Miami.


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Eastern Conference Playoffs and we got the CALL!!!!!!





The Hoy Polloy perform for the kids at Holtz Children's Hospitol

"Adopt a Floor" program sponsored by THE LITTLE LIGHTHOUSE FOUNDATION

join the cause at 




The Hoy Polloy presents... Centerfold

Second single off new album:

Ferret Winter

Click Here to see the Music Video!

Click Here to see the Music Video!




Wynwood Life 2nd Annual Cultural Festival

April 24th-26th, 2015

Kickstrarting the entire celebration is none other than your local miami rock group The Hoy Polloy!!!

 We Made the NEWS!!!!!!



The Hoy Polloy presents... Houdini

First single off new album: 

Ferret Winter 

 Click Here to see the Music Video!

Houdini Music Video Band Shot

 Click Here to see the Music Video!


"Their Lead single is "Houdini" a pyschedelic folk rocker about finding love in a city of plastic city."

written by: Fluffy Weinstein

Pandering International


Ferret Winter - 2/6/15

Available on 


or do it the ol' skool way and purchase your hard copy at

on the shelves MARCH 1st 2015!!




Show up for the  OFFICIAL CD RELEASE EVENT!!!!!


Check out our Radio Interview from the "I Love You Miami" show on KLANGBOX.FM  

hosted by the Telekinetic Walrus



The Hoy Polloy Presents...

The debut of KING. Welcome to the Year of the Panther


Click Here! KING MUSIC VIDEO Click Here!

Dancing with the Panther CD Cover



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